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Tabling Policy

The Library may provide space for a small table and two chairs for non-profit public service community organizations to provide information to the public about their services.  Providing the space does not indicate Library endorsement of the services the non-profit provides.

  1. The space the Library provides cannot be used to provide a forum for the expression of views or opinions of individuals or groups.  The only purpose is to provide information about programs and services that members of the community might be interested in.
  2. Any organization requesting space must fill out an application that must be approved by Library management before they can set up.
  3. The name of the organizations must be prominently displayed on the table.
  4. In fairness to the numerous community organizations, the Library may limit the frequency with which an organization may use the space. Organizations that provide services to the Pawtucket community will have priority.    
  5. Library management has the right to limit the size, location of the space and length of time that the organization has access to the space. The requirements of the Library take precedence over those of the outside organizations.  
  6. No selling or fundraising is permitted.
  7. Neither the Library nor the Library’s Board of Trustees accepts responsibility for loss or damage of materials or equipment brought in by the organization.

The following will not be accepted for tabling.

  • Organizations endorsing or opposing the election of any candidates for public office
  • Organizations endorsing or opposing the adoption of federal, state or local legislation
  • Organization promoting commercial products or services.

Tabling authorization is based on the provisions of this policy and not on the content, viewpoints, beliefs or affiliations of the organizations permitted to table.  Failure to comply with this policy may result in denial of tabling privileges.

Approved 11/21/2023

Any Pawtucket resident who wishes the Library to reconsider their decision to provide space may fill out a Request for Reconsideration Form about their concerns and submit it to the Library Director. The form is located on the website and is also available from the Library’s Administration Office. The Director will respond within 14 days. Appeals to the decision of the Director can be made to the Library’s Board of Trustees. To speak at a Trustee’s meeting, please refer to the Board of Trustee Public Input Policy.  


Pawtucket Public Library Tabling Application

I release the Pawtucket Public Library, the Library’s Board of Trustees and the City of Pawtucket for any loss or damage to the material or equipment that we bring with us.



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