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Proctoring Procedure

The Pawtucket Public Library will provide proctoring services to City of Pawtucket residents under the following conditions:

The student is responsible for:
  • Contacting the library to arrange a time to take the exam. Call the Coordinator of Reference Services at 725-3714 ext. 220 to make arrangements
  • Providing a return envelope and postage for returning the exam if necessary
  • Checking to make sure that the library computers meets examination requirements or provide their own laptop if allowed by their educational institution
  • Providing a valid photo id to prove identity
  • Calling library prior to your test to make sure the test or login information has arrived
  • Completing the test 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • Arranging for Fed Ex, etc. to pick up the exam at the library if necessary

The Library will:
  • Receive a copy of the exam by U. S. mail, courier, email or fax
  • Verify the student’s identification at the time of the test
  • Provide a place near the Reference Desk to take the exam
  • Record the time the student begins and finishes the exam
  • Certify that the exam has been monitored under the conditions required by testing institution
  • The library suggests mornings as the best time for scheduling proctoring
  • The library reserves the right to refuse proctoring if the requirements exceed staff or facility capabilities.
The Library is unable to:
  • Return exams by fax or email
  • Ensure a quiet testing area
  • Check on student activity during the exam process
  • Maintain time control over segments of a test
  • Monitor students continuously during exam
  • Keep any exam left at the library longer than one month


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