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Internet Usage Policy

The Pawtucket Public Library strives to provide its users with the highest quality library services.  The library develops collections, resources and services that meet the informational, educational, recreational and cultural needs of the community.  Providing Internet access enables the library to provide additional information beyond traditional collections and resources.

Although the Internet provides many sources of valuable information, the library is not able to monitor or control the content and/or quality of all materials on the Internet.  The library claims no responsibility with regard to specific sites, information and/or availability.  Some information available on the Internet may not be accurate.  Users are encouraged to evaluate the validity of information accessed on the Internet.  The library offers tips for users in evaluating websites.  Please ask staff members for a printed brochure.

The library does use filtering software to restrict access to certain categories of sites that do not conform to its mission.  However, parents or guardians are responsible for their children’s (under 17) use of Internet resources and are advised to supervise their children’s on-line sessions.  As with other library materials, any restriction of a child’s access to the Internet beyond the categories the library restricts rests solely with the parent or legal guardian.  For help with issues of Internet safety and security consult “Internet Search & Safety Tools” on the library’s website under “Selected Web Sites” or ask the library staff for help.

Users should know that no filtering product is totally effective and it is possible that some material that may be considered inappropriate or offensive by some users may still be accessible and/or visible.  If you discover a website that you feel should/should not be accessible, please feel free to speak to a librarian.  Objections to the library’s policies can be made to the Library’s Board of Trustees.  

Pawtucket Public Library or library staff members cannot be held responsible for an individual’s Internet activity.  The library does not disclose information about an individual’s use of the Internet or personal information about that individual unless the Internet is used for illegal purposes or unless the library is required to do so by the USA PATRIOT Act. Failure to use the Internet appropriately and responsibly will result in the loss of Internet privileges and could lead to criminal prosecution.

Library staff will assist users, time permitting.  Please ask a librarian for help in searching for information on the Internet or consult the library’s web page for a categorized listing of recommended websites.   The library offers training on Internet use; please ask for information about classes in the Computer Room.  For additional help, the library’s collection also includes books and videos on using the Internet.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees July 15, 2003.



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