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Group Study Rooms Rules for Use

Rooms left unattended for more than 15 minutes will become available for use by another patron. The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left in the study rooms.

A key to a Group Study Room may be obtained at the Circulation Desk. A valid library card or personal identification is required in exchange for a key.  Library staff will assign which room is to be used by the group. If the person who has requested the room leaves the library and the remaining group wishes to stay, another person from the remaining group must hand in their library card or ID. Keys must not leave the building. User must always return the key to the Circulation Desk before leaving the library.

Room Capacity: 
Room number 1 has a six-person capacity. Rooms 2, 3 & 4 have a four-person capacity. Study rooms 5, 6 & 7 for use by one or two people are located in the lower Sayles building. See Circulation staff for a key. No additional chairs or furniture may be brought into the rooms.

No reservations may be made for use of the rooms. Availability and use is on a first-come first-available basis.

The room is not to be used for lounging, loitering or recreation. Frequent trips in and out of the room will suggest that the group room is not being used for its intended purpose and all of the occupants will be asked to vacate the room.

Noise Level:
A reasonable conversation level is expected. Please keep the door to the group study room closed while the room is in use.

It is the responsibility of the person who’s ID the library holds to ensure that the room is left in good condition. Please return any
library materials brought into the room to the Circulation Desk. Be sure to throw away all trash in the trashcan provided. No food or drink is allowed.

Lights must remain on in the room during the hours the library is open.


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