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Teacher Cards

I Love My Teacher

The Pawtucket Public Library offers a special Teacher Card for the use of certified teachers at any licensed nursery/daycare center or kindergarten through grade 12 who teach in the City of Pawtucket.

Card Use
The purpose of the Teacher Card is to provide the opportunity for teachers to supplement resources available in the classroom.

  1. The Teacher Card may only be used at the Pawtucket Public Library for Pawtucket Library materials.
  2. With a Teacher Card, you may borrow up to 30 items for 3 weeks, with an opportunity for 2 renewals, and no overdue fines will be charged.
  3. The following items circulate on Teacher Card:
        a. Children’s books and circulating periodicals
        b. Adult non-fiction.

          Limit: 5 books on a single subject
  4. The borrowing Teacher is responsible for all items.

Card Registration

    1. Teacher must complete an application form at the Pawtucket Public Library.

    2. A currently dated statement on school letterhead verifying the teacher’s employment and teacher’s own personal ID must be presented.
    (Please see the
    sample letter below.)

    3. Card should be updated to reflect any changes in school assignment.

    4. The card will expire June 1 of the school year to allow ample time to collect & return books before the close of school.
    To extend the expiration date for summer programs, please call (401) 725-3714 x207.

Card Renewal
Each year when school begins the Teacher Card must be renewed. Delinquencies must be cleared and a currently dated letter from the school where the teacher is employed must be presented.

The Pawtucket Public Library reserves the right to revoke this privilege.

Sample Letter


Dear Pawtucket Public Library:

This letter is to verify that ____________________ is currently

employed as a teacher at ____________________ School.

Principal’s Signature


Call the
Circulation Desk
(401) 725-3714 x201

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